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Water hardness calculator

The total hardness indicates the concentration of alkaline earth ions in the water. In practice, these are mainly calcium and magnesium ions.

The physically correct unit of water hardness is mmol / l. In the past, however, different units were used, which are still widespread today. In order to be able to relate the different units to each other, we provide you with this water hardness converter a simple tool for the quick conversion of the values.

Deutsche Grad0.00°dH
Französische Grad0.00°f
Amerikanische Grad0.00ppm CaCO3
Englische Grad0.00°e
Erdalkali-Ionen mmol/l 0.00mmol/l
Erdalkali-Ionen mval/l 0.00mval/l

The use of the calculation results of the water hardness converter is at the sole risk of the user.


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