Limes series - hardness

LIMES - Hardness monitoring untis

With the LIMES series, RLS Wacon analytics introduces a low-cost analytical device for monitoring water hardness. The devices are characterised by uncomplicated commissioning, simple operation and robust operation. They are an alternative to source resin sensors or ISE measurement and can be used wherever continuous monitoring of water hardness is useful.

The advantages of LIMES hardness monitors compared to other measuring methods are:

  • Reliable and accurate monitoring of water hardness, by using a laboratory calibrated indicator.
  • Monitoring of a defined limit value determined by the LHV indicator used.
  • No delayed response behaviour compared to a swelling resin sensor.
  • No calibration and no drift effects compared to an electrode measurement.
  • No wear or regeneration of the sensor necessary.
  • Separate connection cables for power supply, relay and input contact.
  • Status indication by four LEDs for limit compliance, analysis status, device status and pending service.


We would be pleased to offer you a product demonstration. Demo units are also available.

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The LIMES Base is the cheapest model in the Limes series for entry into online water hardness monitoring. The Limes hardness control devices enable cost-effective monitoring of reverse osmosis...