RLS Wacon | Branch escalator
  • IPS

    Passenger detection systems/light curtains (IPS) for escalators and moving walks are used for the automatic release of an escalator after actuation of an emergency stop. The presence of persons on Read More
  • RC3

    The speed monitor RC3 controls three speed levels: low speed, rated speed and overspeed as well as the state of the direction reversal. The devices are available for six different Read More
  • Radar sensors

    Our radar sensors are made for the detection of persons near escalators and conveyors. Two different versions are available: radar sensors with a pre-set range (sensitivity) and radar sensors with Read More
  • Traffic lights

    RLS Wacon offers numerous direction indicators and traffic lights in various colours and dimensions for the installation in round or square columns, sockets or balustrades. Whether you require directions arrows, Read More
  • Comb lighting

    Our comb lighting for the illumination of the escalators´ comb area are also site-made in Hildesheim. They can be mechanically adapted to the local conditions and thus allow an individual Read More
  • Step gap lighting

    The step gap lighting is installed below the steps in the entrance- and exit area of an escalator. It illuminates the step gap in the comb area. These lights are Read More
  • LED Spots

    Our LED spots are eye-catchers at your escalator. By the use of high-quality LEDs modifications and special-purpose solutions are feasible at any time. The LED spots are available in various colours. Read More
  • Handrail- and socket lighting

    The flexible LED handrail- and socket lighting has been specially designed for the illumination of escalators for indoors and out. These are available in different colours and lengths. Thereunto, we Read More
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Welcome to RLS Wacon analytics GmbH

RLS Wacon analytics GmbH is a manufacturer of safety-relevant sensor systems and lighting technology components in the escalator division.

As an OEM manufacturer, RLS Wacon serves several escalator manufacturers directly and also distributes the complete product range as spare parts for service and maintenance operations.

For all our products, RLS Wacon offers the highest quality through a complete production in-house and best prices through the use of state-of-the-art production techniques.

With RLS Wacon, you are sure to get reliably produced products for your escalator.