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With our online analysers, various parameters can be continuously monitored in an automated way. Our devices can be used in a variety of ways in water treatment for the measurement and control of water parameters.

The measurement is carried out by adding indicators to the automatically taken water sample. The indicators cause a colour reaction from which the measured value is determined by means of a colour sensor.

Our online analysers are available in different equipment versions to suit the various application scenarios.


SYCON - Hardness monitoring The analysers of the SYCON series with blue operating foil are suitable for measuring residual / total hardness and carbonate hardness. Compared to the determination of measured values with electrodes or swelling resin sensors, the devices of the SYCON series use laboratory-calibrated indicators and are therefore free from drift, saturation and ageing effects.   Typically, the devices are used in the following applications: Regeneration triggering of ion exchangers Monitoring of reverse osmosis systems Monitoring of boiler feed water, boiler water and...
With the LIMES series, RLS Wacon analytics introduces a low-cost analytical device for monitoring water hardness. The devices are characterised by uncomplicated commissioning, simple operation and robust operation. They are an alternative to source resin sensors or ISE measurement and can be used wherever continuous monitoring of water hardness is useful. The advantages of LIMES hardness monitors compared to other measuring methods are: Reliable and accurate monitoring of water hardness, by using a laboratory calibrated indicator. Monitoring of a defined limit value determined by the LHV...
The SYCON analysers with white front foil are used to monitor other water constituents. The measuring technology is identical for all SYCON devices, so that you can largely use the same spare and maintenance items when using different devices.
With the accessories and the spare parts for our Sycon analyzers, you can keep your devices cost-effective according to your requirements. Our product range offers the quality you are accustomed to. Also, accessories and spare parts are usually stocked so that you receive the required parts immediately. We also offer an extensive range of spare parts for already discontinued Sycon analyzers (Sycon 2500, Sycon 3000 H). If you do not find an item on this page, please contact us.
With the SYCON 3000, Wacon started developing online analysis devices in 1997. We have continuously improved the devices. In this area you will find information on the discontinued analyzers.Reagents are still available for all devices.