SKU: 31-072530

For fast and inexpensive monitoring of sulfite (0.5 - 20.0 mg/l SO32-).




Article description Article number Packaging
Sulfite 31-072530 Hinged Lid Box
Sulfite NA 31-072531 Refill pack


Variant Material Dimension
Hinged Lid Box Plastic box 103 x 91 x 36mm
Refill Pack (NA) Plastic bag  


Please note that the color shown on the screen or when printed out may differ from the original. Use the card included with the product. If you do not have an original color chart, we will be happy to send you a new color chart.

color value color value color value
Sulfite color value 0.5 0.5 Sulfite color value 1.0 1,0 Sulfite color value 2.5 2.5
Sulfite color value 5.0 5.0 Sulfite color value 10.0 10,0 Sulfite color value 20.0 20,0

All figures in mg/l SO32-


  value unit Note
Number of determinations 150    
Duration of analysis 3 min  
Number of reagents 2 piece Thiobenzoic acid
Contents of Reagent A 30 ml  
Reagent B content 10 ml  


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