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In addition to our own brand CALDUR®, you will now also find products

from Macherey+Nagel for your manual water analysis in our portfolio.

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Products in focus

The SYCON P is a titration device for measuring the +p value. In addition to the usual relays and input contacts, the online analysis device has a 20...


The Limes hardness control devices enable cost-effective monitoring of reverse osmosis systems with reliable chemical analysis. Product information...


For quick and inexpensive monitoring of the total hardness with one measured value per drop: 1.0 / 0.5 °dH.


Passenger detection systems/light curtains (IPS) for escalators and moving walks are used for the automatic release of an escalator after actuation of an emergency stop. The presence of persons on the escalator is monitored in accordance with EN115. The light curtain (IPS) consists of transmitter and receiver modules. The modules are connected by cables (D- and E-version) or mounted on cables as chains (C- and MO-version). Different module types are available depending on the type of escalator. For all passenger detection systems, up to 99 modules per side of the escalator can be used. For longer escalators, two IPS systems are used accordingly. Currently, four different versions are offered, adapted to the escalators of all manufacturers. A fifth version is under development.


Our product range

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  • RLS Wacon offers you a wide range of test kits for the determination of water parameters. In addition to many
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  • RLS Wacon offers the reagent suitable for your analyzer. In addition to the reagents for our Sycon analyzers, the delivery
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