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Precipitation sensors

Our precipitation sensors detect all types of atmospheric precipitation such as rain, hail and snow reliably. They are used, for example, in traffic control systems and building automation. Their robust structure predestines them for the use in difficult to access areas. The housing is stainless steel. This can be powder coated on request.


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  Name Description
Precipitation sensor IRSS88 The precipitation sensor IRSS88 is based on a photoelectric beam principle and has a detection area of approx. 120 x 25 mm which is sufficient to reliably detect even low precipitation densities with the smallest particle size. Its high-sensitivity microelectronics are insensitive to any kind of interfering light. The all-metal housing ensures effective shielding against RF exposure. Special...
Precipitation sensor IRSS88T The precipitation sensor IRSS88T includes an additional integrated temperature measurement and a serial interface (RS232). The IRSS88T has a separate temperature sensor in an aluminum mounting on its core housing. This makes it possible to measure the ambient temperature accurately to 0.1 ° C and to control a potential-free switching output via a switching hysteresis function. The hysteresis...