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Radar sensor RMS-2 (M12)


The radar sensor RMS-2 (M12) with adjustable sensitivity is a motion detector. In contrast to other sensors, the RMS-2 distinguishes between approaching and removing objects. This information is available to the user via two separate switching outputs. The sensitivity of the device can be configured in four steps via an internal jumper strip. The RMS-2 (cable) is connected via a prefabricated connection cable.

Special features include:

  • easy adjustment of the sensitivity at site
  • adjustable switching time of object recognition
  • insensitive to lateral movements
  • selection of the measuring range by horizontal or vertical mounting
  • low power consumption
  • concealed installation possible
  • maintenance-free


The radar sensor RMS-2 (M12) is used in particular in the following areas:

  • access and access control
  • gate control
  • identification of persons and objects
  • directional motion detection
Article number 80-202000
Article description Radar sensor RMS-2 (M12)
Scope of delivery Radar sensor
Parameter Value min. typ. max.
Supply voltage   10 VDC   30 VDC
Power consumption      0,5 W  
Temperature range   - 30 °C   80 °C
Protection class IP 66      
Housing material PC      
Dimensions 65 x 50 x 35 mm      


Parameter Value min. typ. max.
Detection range   1 m   6 m
Angle of radiation, horizontal     70 °  
Angle of radiation, vertical     36 °  
Transmission power     100 mW EIRP  
Signal output active low/high, push pull      
adjustable length of output pulse 1 s, 5 s, 10 s, 30 s      
Connection M12 male, 4-pole      
Direction approaching and/or departing      
Antenna direction      
Status LED inside      


ETSI EN300440-1 V1.3.1 (2001-09)
ETSI EN300440-2 V1.1.1 (2001-09
VDE 0848(08/2000) Part1
VDE 0848(01/1991) Part2
ICNIRP Guidelines (04/1998)
EN50 081-1
EN50 082-1


Pin M12 Signal
1 10 ... 30 V DC
2 approaching
4 departing


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