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Comb lighting KL80 SN


The visible section of the front pane of the comb lighting KL80 SN is inclined to the left. The use of LEDs in the comb lighting KL80 SN ensures a long service life.

Special features include:

  • very bright LED lighting
  • extremely robust electrical design, no damage to the LEDs due to electrical fluctuations
  • low power consumption
  • durable
  • insensitive to contamination
  • IP 67


The comb lighting KL80 SN is used in the comb area of escalators.

Article number 80-000602
Article description Comb lighting KL80 SN
Scope of delivery Comb lighting
Parameter Value
Supply voltage 16 ... 28 V AC/DC / 16 ... 36 V DC
Power consumption 3 VA
Ambient temperature -20°C - +60 °C
Protection class IP 67
Dimensions 232 x 55 mm
Installation depth 34 mm
Weight 310 g


Parameter Value
LED colour yellow
Luminosity 150 lx (0,5 m interspace)
Front pane PMMA Plexiglass, ice crystal
Front pane dimensions 182 x 36 mm
Height of contour 2 mm
Supply 2 x 0,5 mm², length 30 cm, Ölflex
Plug HAN 3A (STI), plastic material


Pin Configuration
Pin 1 Vcc
Pin 2 Vcc
Pin 3 idle


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