Wartungsarbeiten IT / Maintenance work IT

Aufgrund von Wartungsarbeiten in der Zeit von

15 Uhr am Donnerstag, 22.10.2020 bis 24 Uhr am Sonntag 24.10.2020

an unserem Server können wir keine Emails lesen und versenden.


Alle eingehenden Emails werden gespeichert und ab Montag 9 Uhr wieder beantwortet.

Ebenfalls wird die Telefonanalge gestört sein.


Bitte rufen Sie uns unter 0151 57 36 16 39 an. 



Due to maintenance work in the time of

3 pm on Thursday, 22.10.2020 until midnight on Sunday 24.10.2020

on our server we can not read and send emails.


All incoming emails will be saved and will be answered from monday 9am.

Also the telephone system will be down.


Please call us under +49 151 57 36 16 39

Our production

We have a very high production depth. Our production capacities include:


SMD assembly

All our machines for SMD production are located in a fully air-conditioned room

  • Automatic screen and stencil printer
  • 2 redundantly designed placement machines - optimally adapted to prototypes or small and medium-sized serial production
  • SMD soldering furnaces



The entire production is designed for ESD production. This includes clothing for all employees and the daily test of whether the requirements for ESD production are met.

  • 9 ESD work stations, equipped with modern tools
  • 1 packing station with SAP connection for direct inventory booking


Test field

Depending on the requirements, these workplaces have been approved by the TÜV and are designed for the production and testing of products subject to design approval. The control is carried out in an annual cycle.

  • 3 work stations, approved by TÜV
  • Universal testing stations where all non-tested products are tested. In addition to electrical parameters, we can also check photometric sizes for our lighting products with state-of-the-art equipment.


Mechanical workshop

The mechanical workshop is designed for adaptations to customer-specific solutions.

  • Conventional lathe
  • Manual milling machine
  • Various drill stands and saws



In order to ensure optimal product protection even in harsh environments, we use

  • a semi-automatic potting machine
  • climate cabinet


Water laboratory

For the branch water, we have set up a complete water laboratory with the following equipment:

  • Water treatment plant
  • Water cutting facilities
  • Durability test station for the simulation of pressure fluctuations on all water-bearing elements of our products
  • Climate cabinet for simulating different temperatures
  • 10 permanent running areas for our analyzers


Chemistry laboratory

We are currently building up a chemistry laboratory, which will be used for the further development of reagents and / or indicators and for enhanced quality control.