The overview

For more than 40 years we have been developing and producing reliable measuring and sensor technology in Germany for a variety of demanding applications.

In the year 1974, Rudolph was founded in Sarstedt, which developed and manufactured devices for radio stations ("Hinz-Triller").

Rudolph Logic Systems GmbH was founded in 1989 and specialized in escalator products.

In 2008, RLS innovations GmbH took over the production and distribution of the entire product range of Rudolph Logic Systems GmbH. The company has consistently further developed its products and expanded its spectrum to include innovative lighting concepts for new applications and additional markets.

With Wacon GmbH in 2009, sophisticated products of measurement and sensor technology for water treatment were added.

The merger of both companies led to the new and current company name RLS Wacon GmbH

Our name may have changed over time, but our passion for our products and our courage to tackle new things have not changed over the decades.

It has always been our aim to maintain a dialogue with you as a customer and partner in order to find a robust and secure solution for your application. We also consistently rely on a high production depth as well as high-quality products.

This is the only way to reliably produce safety.


Branch escalator

At the end of the 1980s, Rudolph Logic Systems GmbH was very successful in designing products for escalators.

With the light curtain "C-Version", she developed a simple and robust solution for monitoring escalators, which is still established as a recognized technology on the market.

With the takeover by RLS innovations GmbH, a complete independent production and sales department was set up for the entire product range.

Since then, we have consistently developed our products further and are expanding the range, among other things, with innovative lighting concepts for new applications and additional markets.


Branch water

In the area of water treatment, the experience goes back several decades: the company "Wacon Water Control Systems Bernd Wolthausen GmbH", founded by Bernd Wolthausen, is the foundation.

The water analyzer Sycon 3000 H, developed by him, is still used today in several companies.

In 2009, RLS innovations GmbH took over Wacon GmbH from Mr. Wolthausen and led it as a subsidiary until 2013.

During this time, further online analyzers such as the Sycon 2500, 2501 and 2800 were successfully launched. We have also been offering OEM versions of these devices since then.

The merger of both companies resulted in the current RLS Wacon GmbH in 2013.

In the meantime, further water analyzers, such as the Sycon 2502, have been developed and marketed. Numerous ideas are still being implemented.

You can stay tense ...