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The following work steps refer to the measuring chamber of the analysers of the Sycon series:

  1. Observe the regulations for handling hazardous substances (e.g. protective gloves, safety goggles).
  2. Remove from the measuring chamber all inserted and screwed-in parts except the fastening pins.
  3. Pour the cleaning liquid into the cleaning bowl.
  4. Wet the measuring chamber with the cleaning liquid and allow it to act for some time depending on the degree of contamination (up to 24 hours for heavy contamination).
  5. Remove stubborn incrustations with the enclosed brushes.
  6. Rinse the measuring chamber with water.
  7. The cleaning liquid can be used several times. Pour the cleaning liquid back into the storage bottle using the funnel.
  8. Rinse the cleaning tray and brushes with water.

Instructions for maintenance of the measuring chamber of the Sycon analysers:

  1. Clean the sensor (Sycon 3000) and actuator with a soft cloth moistened with FIT 3000.
  2. Replace any wear parts when reassembling the measuring chamber.
  3. Grease the O-rings of the measuring chamber incl. the fixing pins.