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The Limes hardness control devices enable cost-effective monitoring of reverse osmosis systems with reliable chemical analysis. Product information...


The SYCON P is a titration device for measuring the +p value. In addition to the usual relays and input contacts, the online analysis device has a 20...


For quick and inexpensive monitoring of total hardness with one measured value per drop: 1.0 / 0.5 °dH in a blister.  


Adapterkabel Sender D-Version (rev.)


Besondere Merkmale des Adapterkabels Sender D-Version (rev.) sind:

  • zum Anschluss an die Zentraleinheit
  • Original RUDOLPH Ausführung
  • extrem robust und witterungsbeständig
  • verbessertes Verbindungssystem




Artikelnummer 80-000225
Artikelbezeichnung Adapterkabel TL04TX/D-Version Sender (rev.)
Lieferumfang Adapterkabel (4 m)
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