Wartungsarbeiten IT / Maintenance work IT

Aufgrund von Wartungsarbeiten in der Zeit von

15 Uhr am Donnerstag, 22.10.2020 bis 24 Uhr am Sonntag 24.10.2020

an unserem Server können wir keine Emails lesen und versenden.


Alle eingehenden Emails werden gespeichert und ab Montag 9 Uhr wieder beantwortet.

Ebenfalls wird die Telefonanalge gestört sein.


Bitte rufen Sie uns unter 0151 57 36 16 39 an. 



Due to maintenance work in the time of

3 pm on Thursday, 22.10.2020 until midnight on Sunday 24.10.2020

on our server we can not read and send emails.


All incoming emails will be saved and will be answered from monday 9am.

Also the telephone system will be down.


Please call us under +49 151 57 36 16 39

Limit value

Test sets according to the limit value method allow a very simple and quick determination of the water content. Total hardness and carbonate hardness are detected as water constituents. The addition of a single drop of indicator determines whether the water hardness is above or below the limit value. The determination is carried out without waiting directly after the addition of the indicator and its evenly submixed by shaking. By selecting the appropriate indicator, the limit value for which the sample water is to be tested is determined.