Maintenance set Sycon 2702 / 2800

Maintenace set Sycon 2800

The maintenance set for the analyzers Sycon 2702 and Sycon 2800 includes everything you need to clean your analyzer regularly (at least every six months) and replace wear parts.

Article number 33-090034
Article description Maintenance set for Sycon 2800
Scope of delivery Spare parts in a plastic bag

Suitable for

  • analyzer Sycon 2702
  • analyzer Sycon 2800



 The maintenance set comprises:

  • 1x bottle connection
  • 1x suction lance
  • 1x cartridge of peristaltic pump
  • 1x o-ring 16x2
  • 4x o-ring 9x1,5
  • 1x dosing o-ring
  • 1x magnetic stirrer

Instructions for use

In order to ensure a reliable and safe operation, we recommend to carry out regular maintenance. The interval depends on your environmental conditions and properties of the water to be analyzed.

We recommend to carry out maintenance every 6 months.