Sycon 3200


The SYCON 3200 with two pumps and two valves is the complete analytical laboratory for all water parameters. In addition to measuring the iron concentration, this model also forms the basis for customer-specific solutions. In contrast to the other devices of the SYCON series, the SYCON 3200 is supplied exclusively in a plastic housing.

Iron version will be available from the 3rd quarter of 2019.

Further parameters will follow and will be available from 2020.


The special features of the Sycon 3200 analyzer include:

  • easy commissioning
  • intuitive operation
  • low maintenance
  • self-calibrating
  • diagnostic program
  • 2 contact inputs for external control or current switch
  • 2 valves - for 2 measuring points of for flushing
  • maintenance-free full-colour sensor
  • tool-free maintenance of the measuring chamber

The following functions are reliably displayed by the Sycon 3200 analyzer:

  • free selectable limit values in the measuring range of the reagent used
  • alarm in case of lack of reagent / BOB functionality
  • graphic display (illuminated)
  • various languages
  • analysis startup options:
    • automatically by time interval
    • suppression of the analysis via current switch
    • analysis via external control

Article number 30-010172
Article description Online analyzer SYCON 3200 on wall mounting plate
Scope of delivery Analyzer, manual
Parameter Value / Range
Supply voltage 85 ... 264 VAC at 47 ... 440 Hz
Power consumption 25 VA (operating)
Protection class IP 43
Ambient temperature 5 ... 45 °C
Temperature of measuring water 5 ... 45 °C
Humidity 20 ... 90 % RF not condensing


Parameter Value / Range
Installation wall mounting in closed rooms
Dimensions with housing:
Weight with housing:
Relais outputs 4 relays
250 VAC / VDC 4 A
potential free outputs NC/NO
  • alarm "limit value"
  • dysfunction of analyzer
  • analysis active / cooling water
  • lack of reagent
Signal input potential free input contact
Supply intake/outlet  




Parameter Value / Range
Measuring principle  
Measuring range
Reagent consumption  
Shelf-life of reagent 24 months
Water consumption The water consumption varies depending on the inlet pressure and the flushing duration.
Inflow pressure If the inlet pressure exceeds 2 bar a pressure reducer has to be used.
Water sample clear, colourless, without solids, without gas bubbles
Parameter Value Unit
ph 4 ... 10,5   
iron < 3 ppm
copper < 0,2 ppm
aluminium < 0,1 ppm
manganese < 0,2 ppm
acid capacity KS 4.3 < 5 mmol/l






Article number Article description Voltage
30-010170 SYCON 3200-Fe 85 ... 264 V



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