Carbonic acid per drop: 10 mg/l, 5 mg/l

Carbonic acid per drop: 10 mg/l, 5 mg/l

SKU: 31-071560

For quick and inexpensive monitoring of carbonic acid with one reading per drop: 10 mg/l CO2, 5 mg/l CO2.


Article description Article number Packaging
Carbonation 10 31-071560 Hinged Lid Box
Carbonation 10 NA 31-071561 Refill pack


Variant Material Dimension
Hinged Lid Box Plastic box 103 x 91 x 36mm
Refill Pack (NA) Plastic bag  


  value unit Note
Number of determinations 100    
Duration of analysis 1 min  
Chemical Process Acid-base titration    
Number of reagents 2 piece  
Content of titration solution 10 ml  
Content Indicator 5 ml  


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