Comb lighting KL80 SN-B

Comb lighting KL80 SN-B


The visible section of the front pane of the comb lighting KL80 SN-B with blinking function is inclined to the left. The use of LEDs in the comb lighting KL80 SN-B ensures a long service life.

Special features include:

  • very bright LED lighting
  • extremely robust electrical design, no damage to the LEDs due to electrical fluctuations
  • low power consumption
  • durable
  • insensitive to contamination
  • IP 67


The comb lighting KL80 SN-B is used in the comb area of escalators.

Article number 80-000603
Article description Comb lighting KL80 SN-B
Scope of delivery Comb lighting
Parameter Value
Supply voltage 16 ... 28 V AC/DC / 16 ... 36 V DC
Power consumption 3 VA
Ambient temperature -20°C - +60 °C
Protection class IP 67
Dimensions 232 x 55 mm
Installation depth 34 mm
Weight 310 g


Parameter Value
LED colour yellow
Luminosity 150 lx (0,5 m interspace)
Front pane PMMA Plexiglass, ice crystal
Front pane dimensions 182 x 36 mm
Height of contour 2 mm
Supply 3 x 0,5 mm², length 30 cm, Ölflex
Plug HAN 3A (STI), plastic material


Pin Configuration
Pin 1 Vcc
Pin 2 Vcc
Pin 3 blinking


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