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The Limes hardness control devices enable cost-effective monitoring of reverse osmosis systems with reliable chemical analysis. Product information...


For quick and inexpensive monitoring of total hardness with one measured value per drop: 1.0 / 0.5 °dH in a blister.  


For quick and inexpensive monitoring of the total hardness with one measured value per drop: 1.0 / 0.5 °dH.


your specialist for on-line analysis

of parameters in water and fluids

analysis devices, sensor technology, indicators, pilot distributors,
sample coolers, testkits and controllers for
industrial water treatment and fluid conditioning

Our business is on-line analysis of water and fluids in the field.
We offer both standard products and customized small series, as well as tailor made solutions.
We work with products from own development and manufacturing but also in cooperation with partners that share our philosophy.
We are an application-oriented technical sales and engineering organisation.
We always want to provide the best and most effective product and service combination for each customer.

We are in the position to inform about non-visible water constituents..
..and we inform you about water. We regularly offer up-to-date training and education programs for technicians and operators of analytical devices

Industrial applications are varied, whether in the boiler house, in cooling systems or electroplating.
Also in public and private sectors such as water supply and effluent managment, in households or fish ponds.
- Information on the quality of water are important for anyone wishing to use the resource of water effectively.

Not least, the quality and reliability of the instruments play a significant part.
Wacon offers a complete line of high-quality and economical water analysis equipment from one source.

Sometimes the monitoring of a limit is sufficient…  
... for those purposes devices of the series aquainform limit analyser are available.

Next step is to estimate a trend, that is, to make a statement at which amount the measured waterparameter ranges.

This line is covered by aquainform trend analyser.

High-end analysis technique, providing an accurate and reproducible measurement with error indication will be performed by devices of the aquainform process analyser series which we commision according to the application requirements.

In summary.., will find exactly what you need in your application   
…and we keep exactly what we promise

Our product range

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