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Speed indicator MPRC


The speed indicator MPRC is used to indicate the speed of the step band of an escalator. By measuring the speed of the escalator drive, taking into account the gear ratio, the current speed is displayed in m / s. The MPRC receives its speed information from the cams mounted on the flywheel of the escalator motor. With the help of inductive proximity switches, pulses are thus generated which are used to monitor the speed of the escalator. The generated pulses are first fed to the RC3 for speed monitoring according to EN115.

Special features include:

  • Speed display in consideration of the gear ratio
  • Indication of the speed in m / s
  • Compatible with rotation speed monitor RC3
  • Compact design


The speed indicator MPRC is used in escalators.


Artikelnummer 80-200320
Artikelbezeichnung Speed indicator MPRC
Lieferumfang Speed indicator
Parameter Value
Supply voltage 18 ... 28 V
Power consumption max. 0,8 W


Parameter Value
Display at fnenn= 66 2/3 Hz  
Adjustment 9,46 mm / pulse 0,63 m/s
Adjustment 9,46 mm / pulse 0,48 m/s
Ionmax 60 mA
Ionrevmax 60 mA
max. persistent current for pulse input 60 mA
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