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Rotation speed monitor RC3 66 Hz, vertical mounting


The rotation speed monitor RC3 66 Hz controls the three speed ranges of the underspeed, nominal speed and overspeed as well as the state of the direction reversal. The hazardous conditions of underspeed, change of direction, overspeed and sensor failure lead to the motor being switched off. Inductive proximity switches can be adapted as pulse pick-ups. The sensor is supplied by the device and does not require an external power supply. A floating relay contact is required for connection to the staircase control.

Special features include:

  • Shutdown in case of fault
  • Optical and inductive sensors can be used
  • Status output with optical display
  • Compact design
  • Low power consumption
  • TÜV BG-type tested according to EN115: 2008

The rotation speed monitor RC3 66 Hz is used in escalators.

Article number 80-200300
Article description Rotation speed monitor RC3 66 Hz
Scope of delivery Rotation speed monitor
Parameter Value
Supply voltage 230 V AC +/- 10%, 40 ... 60 Hz
Switching current of relais output 2 A (max. 8 A)
Power consumption < 5 A
Temperature range -20°C ... 65 °C
Dimensions 64 x 104 x 135 mm / 64 x 104 x 152 mm incl. mounting clip


Parameter Value
Sensor type inductive proximity switch
Sensor supply voltage 9 V DC (max. 50 mA)
Sensor nominal frequency 662/3 Hz
Criterion for cut-off  underspeed < 19,5 % UPMNENN
Criterion for cut-off overspeed > 117 % UPMNENN
Criterion for cut-off reversion of rotation from  > 19,5 % to < 19,5 % UPMNENN
Sensor failure short-circuit, interruption, oscillation


EN50 081-1
EN50 082-1
DIN EN 12015
DIN EN 12016
EN 61508
EN 954-1


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