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Precipitation sensor IRSS88T


The precipitation sensor IRSS88T includes an additional integrated temperature measurement and a serial interface (RS232). The IRSS88T has a separate temperature sensor in an aluminum mounting on its core housing. This makes it possible to measure the ambient temperature accurately to 0.1 ° C and to control a potential-free switching output via a switching hysteresis function. The hysteresis can be adjusted between 0 ° C and 9 ° C by means of two rotary selector switches.

Special features include:

  • Insensitive to interfering light
  • Connecting cable up to 1000 m possible
  • Low power consumption
  • Stainless steel housing, brown coated
  • Fast reaction time
  • Extremely robust


The IRSS88T precipitation sensor is used in particular in the following areas:

  • Traffic control systems
  • Treatment plants
  • Facility management
  • Research vessels in the polar circle

Article number 80-700110
Article description Precipitation sensor IRSS88T
Scope of delivery Precipitation sensor
Parameter Value / range min. typ. max.
Supply voltage   9 V DC   32 V DC
Power consumption 100 @ 12 V DC   145 mA  
Temperature range   -25°C   60°C
Protection class IP 68      
Housing material stainless steel / aluminium      
Dimensions approx. 170 x 250 x 85 mm      
Weight approx. 1800 g      


Parameter Value / range Comments
Detection range 3000 mm²  
Sensor principle 2-channel IC sensor  
Signal inputs



potential free input: with switched relais see "Temperature-"

potential free input: with switched relais see "Precipitation-"

Signal outputs






potential free output: with adjusted selector shaft = TEMP_IN. Reset is effected by a  temperature range ^T

potentialfreier Ausgang: if precipitation is detected = "Precipitation+". Imax of the relais = 900 MA ohm resistive load

Impulse output: Pulse/Particle. Active HIGH, Vout = 9 V ... Vcc

RS232 compatible interface output. 9600 Baud, 8N1

RS232 compatible interface output.

Temperature sensor   Measuring range -10°C - 60°C with 0,1°C resolution


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